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Celebrating Artistic Brilliance: Van Gogh's Auvers Period Illuminated at the Van Gogh Museum

As the Van Gogh Museum commemorates its notable 50th anniversary this year, it invites visitors on an extraordinary journey into the final days of one of history's most exceptional artists, Vincent Van Gogh.

His short yet intensely vibrant life concluded with a flurry of artistic expression - a remarkable 80 paintings and 64 sketches, equating to more than two works a day, were crafted during his mere 70 days in Auvers Sur Oise. This is a testament to his fervor and unparalleled genius.

The exhibition, co-organized with the Musée D'Orsay in Paris, showcases the works produced by Van Gogh during his time in Auvers-sur-Oise, an inspired period that continually draws crowds to both prestigious art centers. The exhibition amplifies the Van Gogh Museum's already impressive collection, adding a new layer of depth to the visitor's experience.

Adding to the celebration of the museum's anniversary, a spectacular ceremony was held at Museumplein. The highlight of the event was an awe-inspiring art drone show created by Studio Drift Amsterdam. The drones, which lit up the night sky in choreographed harmony, paid tribute to the profound legacy of Van Gogh, creating a visual spectacle that beautifully intertwined technology and art.



Sapiens Travel's popular Van Gogh program to Amsterdam delves deeper into the societal and cultural shifts at the cusp of the 19th century, detailing the profound impact of emergent technologies like photography and new sciences such as psychoanalysis. These elements heavily influenced Van Gogh's contemporaries, propelling the Impressionist movement forward.

Beyond the immersive exploration at the Van Gogh Museum, we enrich the experience with suggested excursions to places like the Kröller-Müller Museum, home to the largest sculpture park in Europe and the second largest collection of Van Gogh's works worldwide. Nestled in a pristine native forest, this museum houses some of Van Gogh's most thrilling works from his iconic Provence phase.

For families, we also recommend the immersive "Van Gogh Meets Rembrandt" exhibition. Through its impressive projections, this exhibit vividly illustrates the mutual admiration and coincidental parallels between these two artistic giants. This exploration transcends their vast collection of self-portraits, offering a deeper understanding of the shared genius between Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

The program concludes with queue-free tickets to Amsterdam's beacon of modern art, the Stedelijk Museum. Visitors have the option to enrich their experience with a guided tour led by an expert in modern art

Embrace this opportunity to delve into the profound depths of Van Gogh's artistry, and explore the masterpieces born from the prolific final days of his life. This experience, enriched by the diverse elements of our program, promises to leave visitors with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the genius of Van Gogh.


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