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And this is our story


We're both deeply committed to curating travel experiences in the Netherlands and the broader Benelux region, celebrating their diverse cultural heritage. Our love for these destinations transcends the surface level, fostering deep connections between the traveler and the locales they explore. 


We believe in the principles of Slow Travel, a movement advocating for taking time to enjoy each moment of a journey and fully immerse oneself in the local environment. 


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Co-founder & Director of Experiences

Want to talk about travel, Dutch Art history, Asian culture or little villages in Scandinavia:

Erik Sadao brings a wealth of expertise in the high-end tourism industry to the company. With a profound knowledge of high-end tourism, Sadao excelled in developing products for the Asian, African, and European markets while working as a specialist for a prominent high-end travel agency in Brazil.

Notably, Sadao's contributions to the industry have been recognized with prestigious awards and nominations. He has been nominated three times for the coveted "Most Innovative Advisor" at the Virtuoso Awards. In addition, Erik is the proud winner of the Mauricio Leyton Spirit of Virtuoso Award, a well-deserved recognition of his dedication and passion for creating unforgettable travel experiences.

Sadao's exceptional editorial experience has been widely recognized, as evidenced by the publication of seven travel books and over ten travel guides for The Traveller Collection by Teresa Perez. His expertise in creating compelling content and providing valuable insights has made a significant impact on the travel industry, offering readers an extensive collection of resources to enhance their own journeys.

Furthermore, Sadao's projects Traveller Flavours and Traveller Faith, both created for Teresa Perez Tours, were nominated for Best Travel Campaigns at Pure Life Experiences, demonstrating his innovative and impactful contributions to the travel industry. Additionally, his work on The Traveller Africa issue earned the prestigious award for South African Tourism's most creative campaign, underscoring his ability to create engaging and influential travel content.

Since 2021, Sadao has been a valued consultant at UNQUIET Magazine, a travel publication launched during the pandemic. Through his articles about recent journeys, he enriches the Brazilian market with valuable insights and expertise, providing readers with a unique perspective on travel experiences.

As Sapiens Travel, Erik's personally meet our clients and curates unique experiences that he sees and tries first-hand.

Meet Fernanda


Co-founder & Head of operations

Want to talk about travel, sustainability or motherhood:

Fernanda Matsuoka is a seasoned professional with 15 years of expertise in high-end FIT travel. Her background spans across various sectors of the industry, including 5-star hotels, cruise ships, and luxury travel agencies. Combining her love for travel with her career, she has embraced expat life since 2015, immersing herself in diverse cultures. After residing in the Netherlands and France, she has now made Mauritius her home since 2023.

As a world citizen at its fullest, Fernanda was born and raised in Brazil with a family background of Japanese immigrants, married to a Frenchman. She embraces diversity and cherishing the experiences of different cultures. Additionally, she has studied Hotel Management and completed a Masters in Business Administration, further enriching her qualifications in the industry.

Her areas of expertise include project management, travel logistics, and communications. Joyfulness, beauty, and precision form the pillars that defines her work style, creating seamless and awe-inspiring travel experiences for each cherished client.

Beyond her career, she is actively engaged in climate action. As a co-founder of Youth Climate Leaders (YCL), an association that advocates for job opportunities in climate change for young professionals. Giving back to the community is important to her, especially when it comes to children and youth. In her downtime, she finds joy in spending quality time with her baby girl Louise, and indulges in hobbies such as cooking, yoga and hiking in nature.

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