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5 Immersive Experiences to dive into the dutch culture

Looking for new ideas of experiences to suggest your clients? Look no further! We've meticulously crafted five unique experiences to invite them to immerse into the rich tapestry of Dutch culture. Whether it is they're first-time visitors or a seasoned travelers to Amsterdam, our services are curated to unveil hidden gems and provide them fresh perspectives that will make them feel like it's your first time experiencing the city's magic.

Walking Tour - Meet the Amsterdammers: Dive deep into the heart of Amsterdam's culture with our exclusive walking tour that introduces you to the city's most treasured asset - its people. Encounter a diverse array of locals, from coffee shop proprietors to innovative entrepreneurs, each sharing captivating stories that encapsulate the essence of Amsterdam. With two intimate meet-and-greets scheduled along the way, you'll have the opportunity to engage, inquire, and gain invaluable insights into the city's spirit.

Paint Like Van Gogh Workshop: Unleash your inner artist with a private painting workshop inspired by the legendary painter. Led by a local expert in the picturesque Jordaan neighborhood, immerse yourself in the techniques and inspirations that defined the Post-impressionist master. Perfect for groups or couples seeking a unique and enriching experience, this workshop delves into both the artistic prowess and poignant history of Van Gogh, ensuring a memorable takeaway from your time in Amsterdam.

Royal Delft Ceramic Workshop: Delve into the rich artistic heritage of the Netherlands with our Royal Delft Workshop. Visit the Royal Delft Museum, the unique factory producting the traditional ceramic since the XVIIth century, and participate in an exclusive workshop where you'll learn the art of Delft Blue painting. Craft your own masterpiece, be it a tile or a plate, and create lasting memories through the artful expression of culture and creativity. Your artwork and souvernir will be sent to your home up to 15 days after your visit.

Jevener Tasting: Delve into Amsterdam's storied past with a semi-private Jenever tasting at a cozy brown bar near the city center. Sample five distinct spirits under the guidance of a knowledgeable local, tracing the evolution of this traditional Dutch liquor - revered as the precursor to gin. Transport yourself through time as you sip and savor, learning about its medicinal origins and cultural significance during the Dutch Golden Age.

Street Food Tour in Amsterdam: Indulge in Amsterdam's culinary delights while uncovering its rich history of our beloved city. Led by a dedicated guide, sample treats like apple pie, cheese, and Indonesian dishes, accompanied by captivating narratives of Amsterdam's evolution. This immersive tour not only satisfies your taste buds but also provides a captivating narrative of Amsterdam's evolution from its early origins, through the illustrious Golden Age, to the contemporary era.


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