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Your Essential Guide to enjoy King’s Day in The Netherlands!

Updated: Feb 5

Greetings, esteemed travel advisors and experience architects! Today I would like to share insights about the most important bank holiday in the Netherlands, and how your clients can make the most joyful day in the country - enjoy!

Understanding the Majesty of King's Day: 

King's Day, or Koningsdag in Dutch, is a regal celebration that radiates exuberance, unity, and unbridled joy. Taking place annually on April 27th, this national holiday marks the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. The entire nation transforms into a vibrant spectacle, with a sea of orange adorning the streets in honor of the House of Orange-Nassau.


Orange Extravaganza: One of the distinctive aspects of King’s Day is the prevalence of the color orange. Historically, this color symbolizes the Dutch Royal Family, who are members of the House of Orange-Nassau. In celebration, the Dutch proudly showcase their allegiance by donning vibrant orange attire, adorning the streets with orange decorations, and indulging in treats of the same hue!

Music and party everywhere: In every Dutch city, the streets come alive with revelers enjoying music, drinks, and dancing. Think Carnival in Rio - it gets that busy! Outdoor stalls offer a variety of beverages, and strategically placed music stages contribute to the festive atmosphere. Bar-hopping is a common practice, with establishments enticing party-goers by playing lively music outdoors.

Vrijmarkts: The day typically commences with individuals organizing open-air flea markets, offering an ideal opportunity to uncover second-hand treasures. King’s Day becomes a treasure trove for those seeking bargains, and participating in these markets allows individuals to turn unused items into cash.

Canal crowds: Canals and Rivers are not spared from the party and get full of decorated vessels and revel in waterside celebrations. Booking a boat in advance is crucial, as boat companies often sell out months before the event. Early embarkation is advisable, considering the potential congestion on the waters later in the day.

A chance to see the royal family: Naturally, the Dutch Royal Family actively participates in King’s Day festivities. Annually, they select a different city in the Netherlands to visit on this special day. The chosen city orchestrates unique celebrations, including welcoming parades, concerts, performances, exhibitions, and more! In 2024, King Willem-Alexander and his immediate family will celebrate King’s Day in Emmen, near the german border.

Important logistics to know when organising a trip during King's day:

Roads, trains and public transportation is severely restricted. Therefore we recommend avoiding booking flights and trains arriving on this date, especially if your hotel is inside the city center and the canal ring. The private cars will not be able to drop your clients at the hotel - logistics nightmare for travel advisors.

Most of the museums may be open. While most of Amsterdam's major museums and attractions are closed on King's Day, cultural hotspots traditionally stay open, including the Anne Frank HouseVan Gogh MuseumStedelijk Museum and the Rijksmuseum. Be sure to check opening hours and pre-book your tickets before you go! But notice it is not possible to schedule private guided tour on this day, and your client will have to go walking to visit them.

If your clients want to hire a private boat, check it and book it months ahead. Note that most of boat companies requires hiring the boat for the whole day, and rates are very high, on average 50% more expensive than the normal. It gets very busy in the canals, so make sure your clients are into partying hard for such experience.

Book their lunch in a restaurant with a view: If boats are not your thing, make sure to secure a spot with a view to the canals to watch the party in comfort. Restaurants such as Marie Brasserie, inside the glorious Hotel De L'Europe are perfect for them to celebrate in style while enjoying great food and service. Make sure to book in advance!


When you book with us, you won't miss a beat.

We will always inform you if the hotel of your choice is under renovation, if there's an event during the dates of travel, if there's an important expo your clients cannot miss - the true path to personalized and hassle-free travel!


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