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Off-the-beaten-track museums to visit

1. STRAAT Museum

Situated within a former 8,000 m² ship shed at the NDSM dock, Amsterdam's largest outdoor playground for graffiti and street art features a monumental mural of Anne Frank by Brazilian artist Kobra at the entrance.

From Keith Haring to Banksy, street art has emerged as a significant cultural force, shaping art, fashion, design, advertising, and popular culture. At STRAAT, this passion for the dynamic art form is evident. The museum showcases a diverse collection of over 180 works by 170+ artists, plenty of which were crafted specifically for the museum. These artworks provide an immersive experience, with many pieces presented in true-to-life scale as street murals.

2. Our Lord in the Attic

Hidden in a 17th-century building in the heart of the Red Light District, this museum is a treasure that embodies Amsterdam's aura of freedom. It is a secret Catholic church built in the attic of a house along the city's main canal in the old city center during the Protestant Reformation.The museum stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring quest for religious freedom, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts, religious scholars, and curious travelers alike.

3. Willet-Holthuysen Museum

This well-preserved mansion showcases the grandeur of Amsterdam during the Golden Age. It features beautiful salons in the Louis XVI style and a formal French garden. Once the opulent home of a wealthy couple, this museum immerses visitors in the grandeur of Dutch aristocratic life.

4. Tropenmuseum

This ethnographic museum presents exhibitions on cultures and peoples from around the world, with a special emphasis on non-European cultures. The Tropenmuseum also houses an indoor tropical garden with exotic plants and a souvenir shop with ethnic products.The expansive Light Hall at the heart of the museum provides a panoramic view of its offerings: a vast permanent collection and rotating exhibitions, each item narrating a unique human tale. These stories revolve around universal themes like grief, joy, adornment, faith, and conflict.

5. NXT Museum

Nxt Museum is the Netherlands' first museum dedicated to new media art, where visitors can engage with contemporary complexities through interactive exhibits. This innovative museum not only explores artistic expression with modern tools but also fosters a deep understanding of the impact of technology on our lives. The displayed art will unquestionably captivate your attention and spark your curiosity, leaving a long lasting impression.


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