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Belgium by Sapiens Travel

Often referred to as the heart of Europe, is a country that seamlessly blends its historical significance with modern delights.

At the crossroads of European culture, Belgium boasts a captivating history, notably as a key hub of the Northern Renaissance. The iconic painter Jan van Eyck, a luminary of this era, left an indelible mark on art with his masterful works.

Belgium's reputation for exquisite chocolate and world-class beer is legendary. Savor the artisanal chocolates and explore the myriad flavors of Belgian beer, each glass a testament to centuries of brewing tradition.

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, serves as Europe's political heart, hosting the European Union institutions. Beyond politics, this vibrant city beckons with its architectural wonders, lively neighborhoods, and gastronomic delights. Come, discover Belgium's fusion of history, art, and sensory pleasures – a journey of cultural immersion and delectable indulgence.

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Reasons to visit Belgium

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